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Sample RV Operation Manual
Awning, Electric Step, Refrigerator, Gasoline, Rear Ladder



     Our insurance does NOT cover the awning in any way.  You are fully responsible for use, storage, any and all damage to awning regardless of reason.  To use awning first obtain awning rod from outside rear compartment on passenger side of RV.  Next, release silver safety lock on each awning pole mid way up pole by lifting release.  Next loosen black plastic knob located on back side of awning pole near RV side.  Next use awning rod to release main awning lock.  The lock is located at front of awning at top.  Pull lock toward you with awning rod.  Next pull awning out using black tether strip and awning rod.  Be sure both poles come out equally.  If tether cannot be found, pull straight out on both outer awning poles equally.  Pull awning all the way out until outer flap of fabric is revealed.  Next slide inner poles up to top of outer poles and latch in position.  Next pull fabric taunt and tighten black plastic knob.  Be sure to do both ends equally.  Next locate rubber covered handle near bottom of outer pole.  Lift up on handle to raise awning into position.  Be sure to leave one side lower than the other so any light rain may run off fabric.  Awning must be put away during windy conditions to avoid damage.  To put awning away, reverse procedure.  First lift handles on outer poles to release and lower until against stops.  Next loosen black plastic knobs.  Next release inner poles by pulling silver releases tab located at top of outer poles.  Next lower inner poles all the way down.  Next slide tether strap to end of awning on right.  With awning pole in one hand and tether in the other, release the flip lock on right side of awning. Be sure to pull down on tether and hold tight when releasing lock.  Do NOT let go of the awning.  Next slide tether to center of awning tube.  If the awning starts to roll in before the tether is back to the center, STOP, pull the awning back out and start over. Next with the tether at the center of the tube lock the awning back in using the awning rod on the tether.  Next secure the awning by locking the two silver locks down mid way up outer poles.  These two locks are the safety locks and must be locked before RV is moved.  Next tighten the black plastic knobs. 


Electric Step:

          There is a switch located inside door for the electric step. With the switch turned on and lit the step will go in each time the door is closed and out each time the door is open. When the switch is off the step will remain out when the door is closed unless the engine is running.



            There is an 8 cubic foot refrigerator with a separate freezer in RV.  It operates from either L.P. gas or A/C electricity.  At the top of the refrigerator on the outside there are 2 buttons.  The left button is the on/off switch.  The right button is the auto/gas mode switch.  We recommend leaving the auto/gas switch in the auto position.  For the auto position the auto light will be lit.  In the auto mode the refrigerator will run full time without interruption.  When the RVís power cord is connected to an outlet the refrigerator will run on A/C electricity.  If the cord is removed from the outlet the refrigerator will run on L.P. gas.  If there is no electrical connection available for the RV, or if you are driving the RV, the refrigerator will run on L.P. gas.  The refrigerator uses the coach batteries to operate the L.P. gas valve when in this mode, therefore the charge level of the batteries must be maintained.  The batteries charge while driving or when the RVís engine is running while parked.  See electrical section for details.  There is a check light at the top panel of the refrigerator.  The check light is a failure indicator.  If the light is on the refrigerator is not running.  It may come on if there is a problem with the L.P. gas system such as an empty tank or the L.P. tank valve is shut off.  If the check light is on and the L.P. level is okay and the shut off valve is on, reset the refrigerator by shutting off, counting to ten, then switching it on.  The refrigerator must be switched off while refilling the L.P. gas tank or the RVís gas tank.   


            The RV has one 55 gallon gas tank.  The RV will run on 87 octane regular lead free gas.  You may see increased performance and/or better fuel economy on higher octane gas, but it is not required.

 Rear Ladder:

            There is a ladder attached to the rear of the RV.  You may access the roof to watch events.  The ladders are not very strong and will not support heavy loads.  The ladders are attached by screws that go into fiberglass and Styrofoam. Be careful and gentle when climbing ladder.  Any damage or pulled out screw are considered negligence and are NOT covered by insurance.  Any damage to roof, vents, or air conditioner is also considered negligence and is not covered by insurance.  DO NOT use the ladder to attach other items or luggage while driving.


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